• mentone-elementary

    Mentone Elementary School

    I purchased an Electrolux combi oven for Mentone Elementary School in September. I Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful piece of equipment it is. I honestly am looking forward to other ovens breaking so I can have a reason to get another one. What I didn’t expect wast the wonderful people that came with the purchase of the oven. Brian came to the school and made sure the oven would fit and that our hook-ups were ok. I have never had a company do that before. He was so nice and easy to talk to and made sure every question was answered. Then we met Lori. What a blessing she is. She is SO helpful and doesn’t make us feel bad about when we ask questions (a lot of questions.) She will take a phone call anytime or calls back ASAP. You have quite a team! Brian even stoped by one day to see how things were going just because he was in the area. Who does that these days? I usually feel like people are trying to take advantage of me. Not with you guys. You make us feel like we are the only customers you have.

    I just wanted you to know that I would recommend your company to anyone. Not just for the great oven, but for the AMAZING people that come with it.

    Nikki Rutherford
    Manager Mentone Elementary School Cafeteria



  • Doddridge County Middle School

    Electrolux In Schools: Customer Testimonial
    Robin, a foodservice employee of Doddridge County Middle School, comments on their school’s purchase of an air-o-convect Touchline boilerless combi oven:

    “A couple of years ago the Doddridge County Child Nutrition Program took a group of their cooks to the West Virginia School Nutrition Association Conference at Stonewall Jackson Resort. This group of ladies had the opportunity to tour and experience the show. Upon meeting Chef Lori Lorenz (representative with 2Market Group) and her demonstration of the combi oven, it was love at first sight.

    Lori and I then scheduled a time for her to bring her trailer (food truck equipped with live Electrolux Professional equipment) to demonstrate the combi oven to the remainder of our cooks. They all loved the combi oven. I love my girls so I immediately went to the Board of Education and spoke to them about updating our 20 year old middle school kitchen which satellites to another school plus feeds a hot supper to the children that stay after school for activities Monday through Thursday. I want my cooks to be happy and to have the most updated functional equipment to make their jobs easier. They work hard every day with very little thanks and their job is physically taxing.

    I am not the only one who recognizes their hard work and dedication to the children of Doddridge County. NBC Nightly News came to West Virginia to feature a story on “The Supper Program”. The state department chose Doddridge County out of 55 counties in the state. It was an exciting day with the camera crews and Educational Correspondent Rehema Ellis visiting our elementary school and giving an affirmation for our Child Nutrition Program. This program benefits not only us, but also our children, our teachers, our staff, our parents and tax payers. The purpose was to show that any school system regardless of size can feed the children nutritious healthy meals before sending them home.”

    Robin concluded by stating, “We love it. The combi has cut our cooking time in half. We would love to have another one. The combi oven replaced the steamer. We prepare breakfast, lunch, and supper. Lori came to train us, she was very helpful and is always here when we need her. We all (Elizabeth, Becky, Kim, Tara, and myself) would like to thank our boss, Dr. Bonnie Allman, for getting the combi for us”.

    We love it. The combi has cut our cooking time in half. We would love to have another one.

    A foodservice employee of Doddridge County Middle School